used game (mod-collection) on Server Asia Thailand
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used game (mod-collection) on Server Asia Thailand

based on

  • minetest_game
  • some Hectic mods
  • and more as ** technic ** pipeworks ** mesecons ** moreores ** moretrees

I see that play like this, player learn a bit about how much time, work and money spent in producing items.

For example: just to get a bread out of wheat

  • find wheat seeds by cut grass
  • craft (produce a hoe)
  • hoe dirt near water to soil
  • plant the seeds
  • wait with daylight, water and activation (depend on server)
  • harvest the wheat
  • craft a moretrees
  • craft flour
  • craft a furnace, also need fuel like wood or coal
  • bake the bread ==> now you can eat it.

Remind people about our real world and some time long chains of production included.

A Download Link : ??? AS mods get updates nearly daily ? - just use