9034 Commits (master)

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  M.K e86c93f0bf
Fix double word "true" in minetest.is_nan explanation (#10820) 1 month ago
  rubenwardy 5e6df0e7be ContentDB: Ignore content not installed from ContentDB 1 month ago
  Loïc Blot 4b01282821
Factorize more guiEditBoxes code (#10789) 1 month ago
  Zughy 1946835ee8
Document how to make nametags background disappear on players' head (#10783) 1 month ago
  JDiaz 08ee9794fb
Implement on_rightclickplayer callback (#10775) 1 month ago
  Zughy fcb3ed840a
Sanitize server IP field in mainmenu (#10793) 1 month ago
  Loïc Blot 5fcc78a1fe
Refactor/gui editbox (#10787) 1 month ago
  Loïc Blot 58a709096e
refacto: factorize multiple code parts from guiEditbox childs (#10782) 2 months ago
  sfan5 e663aecbae Update Gitlab-CI pipeline 2 months ago
  rubenwardy edd0836011
ContentDB: Add overwrite dialog when content is already installed (#10768) 2 months ago
  hecks dd5a732fa9
Add on_deactivate callback for luaentities (#10723) 2 months ago
  OgelGames ad58fb2206
Clarify documentation of minetest.get_modpath and minetest.get_modnames (#10771) 2 months ago
  Zughy 92aac69b36
"Browse online content" formspec improvement (#10756) 2 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero ff921f6989 Formspecs: Fix broken texture escaping with model[] 2 months ago
  Elias Fleckenstein 9250b5205a
Add minetest.get_objects_in_area (#10668) 2 months ago
  Lars Mueller 09d7fbd645 Fix item tooltip background color not working 2 months ago
  Zughy 55dba1bc6d
Display Minetest header when menu_last_game value isn't available anymore (#10751) 2 months ago
  Lars Mueller 8f72d4b294 Fix minetest.is_nan 2 months ago
  sfan5 74762470b2 Fix some minor code issues all over the place 2 months ago
  Lars 289425f6bd Minor profiler fixes. 2 months ago
  rubenwardy 2c3593b51e Fix unsafe cast in l_object 2 months ago
  sfan5 2bdf4955c8 CI: fix build 2 months ago
  rubenwardy d2bbf13dfe
Add dependency resolution to ContentDB (#9997) 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 535557cc2e
Fix fallnode rotation of wallmounted nodebox/mesh (#10643) 2 months ago
  Vitaliy 03540e7140
Fix GLES shader support after #9247 (#10727) 2 months ago
  Markus af22dd86e3
Fix some more joystick issues (#10624) 2 months ago
  Andrey 5066fe7583
MainMenu: Add clear button and icon for search input (#10363) 2 months ago
  Vitaliy ccbf8029ea
Cleanup shader generation code (#10663) 2 months ago
  rubenwardy 664f5ce960
Add open user data button to main menu (#10579) 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 025035db5c
DevTest: Add food item to test food replacement (#10642) 2 months ago
  LoneWolfHT d5a481b4e6
Make installer create its own Minetest folder (#10445) 2 months ago
  DS 6f8a1c99d5
Documentation for highest formspec_version[] and changelog (#10592) 2 months ago
  Lars e638056523 Allow configuring block disk and net compression. Change default disk level. 2 months ago
  Thomas--S d0a38f694d
Formspec: Allow to specify frame loop for model[] (#10679) 2 months ago
  wsor4035 3ed940ff13
lua_api.txt: Add mod_orgin to node def (#10697) 2 months ago
  Zughy 4d41ed0975
Semi-transparent background for nametags (#10152) 2 months ago
  SmallJoker f2c8c6bf51 Revert "GUIFormSpecMenu: Shift+Click listring workaround for MacOS" 2 months ago
  SmallJoker e18b6c5a21 GUIFormSpecMenu: Shift+Click listring workaround for MacOS 1 year ago
  SmallJoker af073438fd
Various documentation fixes (#10692) 2 months ago
  hecks 6d7067fd37
Implement mapblock camera offset correctly (#10702) 3 months ago
  sfan5 07e0b527cf Revert "Increase limit for simultaneous blocks sent per client and the meshgen cache." 3 months ago
  Oblomov 08c9d1a669
Cross-reference the node level manipulation functions (#10633) 3 months ago
  HybridDog e73c5d4585
Fix MSAA stripes (#9247) 3 months ago
  sfan5 ecd4f45318 Fix certain connected nodeboxes crashing when falling 3 months ago
  SmallJoker 3176daee79 Input: Fix on_rightclick called when placing into air 3 months ago
  Lars f1d72d212a Avoid generating the same chunk more than once with multiple emerge threads. 3 months ago
  sfan5 9bb381ebd3 Change typedef to normal definitions in GUI code 3 months ago
  sfan5 868749b4f8 Return star color calculation to what it previously was 3 months ago
  numzero 8689e00fca Fix style 3 months ago
  numzero c158e20e5b Provide fallback star color for GLES 2 with MT shaders disabled 3 months ago