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Minetest XP mod (xp_redo)

Minetest mod for player experience management (xp) It adds an xp counter per player and ranks according to your xp level. The xp level, your rank and a progress bar to the next rank will show up in your hud. On every rank level up you get a award-like notification. There is also a xpgate block which, when placed under a wooden door will only allow players with a certain xp level to go through.


  • Unzip the archive, rename the folder to xp_redo and place it in ..minetest/mods/

  • GNU/Linux: If you use a system-wide installation place it in ~/.minetest/mods/.

  • If you only want this to be used in a single world, place the folder in ..worldmods/ in your world directory.

For further information or help, see:


  • givexp: Manage XP of your users.


Add or remove (amount with negative sign) XP from a user:

/givexp (username) (amount)


Give player somedude 200 XP points:

/givexp somedude 200

Remove 100 XP points from player somedude:

/givexp somedude -100


  • default

Optional dependencies

  • doors
  • mobs_redo
  • mobs_animal
  • mobs_monster

Areas integration

There are additional commands available if the areas mod is available:

  • /area_xp_set_min <id> <xp> assign a min-value that a aplayer needs to interact with the area
  • /area_xp_get_min <id> returns the min-value, if any for that area

For this to work the area has to be opened with /area_open <id>

Builtin XP events


Every node dig gives you 1 xp point


Every mob punch gives you the amount of damage on the mob in xp




  • xp_redo.discord.webhook_url discord webhook url (optional)
  • xp_redo.discord.texture_baseurl baseurl for the webhook avatar image (optional)

For the webhook, the mod has to be in the secure.http_mods setting:


secure.http_mods = xp_redo

Lua api



rankDef = {
	name = "Rank name",
	icon = "myicon.png" -- Should fit withing the background icon (16x32px)
	color = {r=255, g=255, b=255}, -- Player name tag color
	xp = 100 -- xp threshold

ranks are held in xp_redo.ranks as a table.


Returns the rankDef for given xp amount


  xp_change = function(playername, xp)
    -- new xp value

  rank_change = function(playername, xp, rank)
    -- new rank

  stat_change = function(playername, name, value)
    -- see stats.lua



Returns the xp level for given playername (always a number).

xp_redo.add_xp(playername, xp)

Adds the amount of xp to given playername (can be negative for xp removal).



Pull requests / bugs

I’m happy for any bug reports or pull requests (code and textures).

TODO / Ideas

  • Scoreboard (block)
  • More doors
  • Door-teleport alternative
  • XP Regions
  • XP entities/items