A Kingdom vs Kingdom PvP modpack. (Archived) https://github.com/shacknetisp/kingdoms
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Kingdoms by Beha

The Kingdoms modpack is designed to allow kingdom vs kingdom PvP in Minetest.

Interesting features include:

  • A fully formspec-based kingdom manager.
  • Chat channels for the area, your kingdom, and everywhere.


This modpack contains some alternative versions of mods with modifications to work better alongside the main kingdoms/magic combination.

  • bones: drop items upon explosion, respect kingdom heavy_chests level.
  • doors: respect kingdom levels, add heavy doors.
  • tnt: respect explosion blockers/absorbers, work better with objects and mobs, support magic.

Kingdoms also overrides a few default items.

  • chests: respect kingdom levels, add heavy chests.
  • furnace: respect kingdom levels.
  • keys: remove keys entirely


  • Kingdoms is mostly compatible with other mods by default, but mods that register locked/owned items or query protection may need some tweaking.
  • Protection should be tested with kingdoms.player.canpos rather than minetest.is_protected (unless testing for digging/building rights.) This is not critical, but it will result in less-flexible kingdom levels.
  • All locked/owned items should be replaced with tests for kingdom levels or is_protected. At the very least, allow maxlevel members of the kingdom to remove the nodes by force.

Recommended/Tested Mods

  • ancient_world has been hooked into for generating magic crystals and silver blocks as hidden rewards.

  • magic is recommended.

  • 3d_armor is fully compatible with kingdoms and provides a variety of protections against all forms of “fleshy” damage. Kingdoms will disable the healing feature automatically.

  • unified_inventory is hooked into with a kingdoms button.